When Dry, Chapped Lips Are a Sign of Something Much Worse | Chapped Lips Causes

What Causes Dry Lips?

Dryness is critical on the lips as a result of our lips are usually not like the remainder of our pores and skin. The moist shiny a part of our lips is roofed, not with regular pores and skin, however with a skinny delicate mucous membrane. Mucous membranes haven’t got the outer, water-proof overlaying that standard pores and skin has. That is why, once we grow to be dehydrated or sunburned, our lips are one of many first locations we discover dryness.


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Dry lips could be brought on by many various components. Among the major culprits of dry, chapped lips are:

  • Solar publicity inflicting burns and sensitivity
  • Extreme lip licking, which dries the pores and skin on and across the lips
  • Dry, chilly climate which might trigger cracking and flaking pores and skin
  • Pores and skin lotions, together with retinol, vitamin A, and quite a lot of drugs that dehydrate their person
  • Signs of dry and chapped lips embrace
  • Dry pores and skin
  • Flaking or peeling pores and skin on the lips
  • Redness on and across the lips
  • Cracking and bleeding



How To Deal with Continual Chapped Lips

Being proactive is necessary to sustaining the moisture barrier of your lips, which aren’t in a position to moisturize themselves in the identical method that the remainder of your pores and skin is. By utilizing lip balm, SPF safety, and lip masks (like our Good Pout Lip Balm + Lip Masks duo!), you may be sure that your lips stay hydrated and forestall the climate harm that may trigger preliminary harm and discomfort.

In case you are already experiencing the painful unwanted side effects of chapped lips, then restoring the moisture barrier is essential. Use in a single day lip masks, stay according to the usage of lip balm and start utilizing merchandise with SPF to start to heal the fragile pores and skin in your lips and forestall additional harm.

If you first have dry lips, particularly in case you are experiencing dry or flaking pores and skin, it may be tempting to attempt to use a lip exfoliator to assist slough away this useless pores and skin. Nevertheless, this may be extremely harmful and might make the difficulty worse! Utilizing apricot scrubs, toothbrushes, or sugar scrubs can create micro-tears that result in an infection and additional harm.

Figuring out the foundation reason for your dry lips, from behaviours similar to compulsive lip-licking to environmental impacts from solar or chilly, may help you develop a remedy plan that works greatest for you.

Common hydration and making certain that you’re ingesting sufficient water to maintain your complete physique hydrated is a vital first step to enhancing dry lips, in addition to your general well being!


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What To Do If Chapped Lips Will not Heal

In case you’ve began utilizing high-quality, therapeutic merchandise and are defending your pores and skin with SPF however are nonetheless experiencing dry, chapped lips, it might be time to name a dermatologist. As with all power pores and skin points, it is very important search medical assist as quickly as potential for the perfect likelihood at stopping additional sickness and harm.

Continual chapped lips that gained’t heal might be an indication of significant medical circumstances or infections, which embrace actinic cheilitis, an early type of pores and skin most cancers that requires quick remedy.

What’s Actinic Chelitis?

Continual solar burn also can result in pre-cancerous adjustments in our lips, that really feel like persistently dry, tough, thickened pores and skin. Typically scabs or white, scaly patches develop on the lip. This situation is known as actinic chelitis. The excellent news is that actinic chelitis is a PRE-cancerous situation. The dangerous information is, it may well grow to be pores and skin most cancers, if left untreated.

What Causes Actinic Chelitis?

Many sufferers are stunned after I inform them that they’ll get pores and skin most cancers on their lips. Most of us know by now that solar safety is necessary to forestall pores and skin most cancers on our face and our bodies. However for some purpose, we don’t give our lips the identical care. In truth, lips are handled worse, as a result of nearly all of lipsticks and glosses in the marketplace at the moment include petroleum jelly and oils as their major ingredient, with out providing any SPF solar safety. If you go exterior after utilizing these substances, you might be basically frying your lips within the solar. This causes our lips to grow to be dry, skinny, and discolored.

That’s the reason it’s essential to use a lip remedy, that not solely nourishes and plumps our lips with wholesome substances, but in addition protects the mucous membranes on our lips from solar harm.

Continual solar publicity, together with life-style components that negatively impression your immune system, similar to smoking, ingesting extreme alcohol, and getting sunburned, make your lips a main goal for actinic cheilitis. As a result of the decrease lip stands out extra, and faces upwards towards the solar, actinic chelitis can happen extra regularly on the decrease lip.

How Do I Deal with Actinic Chelitis?

Nobody ever desires pores and skin most cancers. But when pores and skin most cancers is discovered on the face or physique, more often than not it may be handled by a easy excision and stitches. Even on the lips, pores and skin cancers can be be excised and repaired with stitches. However who desires the danger of a scar on such a visual half in your face?

The excellent news is that should you develop actinic chelitis, it often doesn’t must be surgically handled. As a result of actinic chelitis remains to be pre-cancerous, whether it is caught early earlier than a real most cancers develops, lasers and lotions could also be profitable in stopping it from creating into pores and skin most cancers.

But it surely must be handled early. So in case your lips stay persistently dry and scabbed, see your dermatologist, as a result of it might be one thing extra than simply dry pores and skin. Within the meantime, all the time maintain your lips protected with a nourishing lip balm that comprises SPF, just like the Good Pout Lip Balm.

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