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Lipsense Coloration Chart

LipSense Lip Colours – New Vary

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Recent Baked Gloss Assortment

Consists of:
Fresh Baked Gloss Collection
Recent Baked Gloss Assortment ($40)

NEW! Sugar Cookie: A softly shimmering champagne gold coloration with a yummy frosted vanilla cookie scent.
NEW! Apple Cinnamon: A beautiful tinted, glowing purple with a spiced apple scent.
NEW! Chocolate Caramel: An elegant, heat brown nude with a shiny texture, no shimmer or glitter, and a easy chocolate caramel scent.
NEW! Gumdrop: A shimmering pink with a candy, fruity sweet scent.
Gold Organza Bag with Vacation Present Tag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION LipSense pH Shiny Tint Duo

Consists of:
LipSense pH Glossy Tint Duo
LipSense pH Shiny Tint Duo ($44)

Customized Coral pH Shiny Tint
Good Pink pH Gloss Tint
Holographic Silver Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Bella Assortment Lipsense

Consists of:
Bella Lipsense Bundle
Bella Assortment ($109)

Bella LipSense
Bella Shiny Gloss
Bella Matte Gloss
Bella Cream ShadowSense
Bella Shimmer ShadowSense
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover – Free!
Bella Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Fall Lipsense Bundle

Embrace autumnal hues with our newest bundle, obtainable for a restricted time solely! It’s solely $80 USD (valued at $95 USD) from October 1-31, 2020.
Consists of:
Fall Lipsense Bundle
Fall Lipsense Bundle ($80)

Plum LipSense
Caramel Apple LipSense
Hazelnut LipSense
Bougainvillea Gloss
Gold Organza Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Mystical Gloss Duo

Consists of:
Mystical Gloss Duo
Mystical Gloss Duo ($40)

Pink Fortune Gloss
Mystic Berry Gloss
Turquoise Organza Bag – Free!


Consists of:
Sunset Skies
Sundown Skies ($90)

Sheer Purple LipSense
Berry LipSense
Amber Spice LipSense
Rose Gloss
Mauve Metallic Bag

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Hydration Bundle

Consists of:
Hydration Bundle
Hydration Bundle ($89)

LipSense Moisturizing Lip Balm
Superior Hydration Physique Lotion
Hydrating Facial Serum Mist
Navy Blue Organza Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Each Day Magnificence Assortment

Consists of:
Every Day Beauty Collection
Each Day Magnificence Assortment ($75)

Milk Rose LipSense
Beige Crème LipSense
Velvet LipSense
Matte Gloss – Free!
Ivory Organza Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Large Metropolis Assortment

Consists of:
Big City Collection
Large Metropolis Assortment ($95)

Large Apple LipSense
Broadway Bronze LipSense
Manhattan Mauve LipSense
Brooklyn Gloss
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover – Free!
Burgundy Metallic Bag – Free

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Satin Matte Gloss Assortment

Consists of:
Satin Matte Gloss
Satin Matte Gloss ($80)

Cream Matte Gloss
Bella Matte Gloss
Praline Matte Gloss
Hazel Matte Gloss
Brown Glitter Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION In Bloom Assortment

Consists of:
In Bloom Collection
In Bloom Assortment ($67)

Purple Lantern LipSense
Cherry Blossom Gloss
Moonbeam Shimmer ShadowSense
Ooops! Remover – Free!
Metallic White Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION California Dreamin Assortment

Consists of:
California Dreamin Collection
California Dreamin Assortment ($70)

Boysenberry LipSense
Sunshine LipSense
Citrus Grove Gloss
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover – Free!
Mint Glitter Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Fiesta Lipsense Assortment

Consists of:
Fiesta Lipsense Collection
Fiesta Lipsense Assortment ($70)

Habanero LipSense
Dahlia LipSense
Fiesta Gloss
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover – Free!
Fiesta Glitter Bag


Consists of:
Posh Pastels
Posh Pastels ($70)

Pastel Pink LipSense
Peach Chiffon LipSense
Pink Matte Gloss
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover – Free!
Lilac Bag – Free!


Consists of:
Cosmic Duo
Cosmic Duo ($45)

Star Garnet LipSense
Stella Gloss
Teal Organza Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Clover Assortment

Consists of:
Clover Collection
Clover Assortment ($89)

Sweet Apple Inexperienced LipSense
Clover Gloss
Mystic Moss ShadowSense
Inexperienced ShadowSense
Ooops! Remover – Free!
Rainbow Glitter Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Daring Gloss Duo Assortment

Consists of:
Bold Gloss Duo Collection
Daring Gloss Duo Assortment ($40)

Scarlet Gloss
Extremely Gold Glitter Gloss
Gold organza bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Gingerbread Assortment

Consists of:
Gingerbread Collection
Gingerbread Assortment ($70)

Gingerbread LipSense
Nutmeg LipSense
Gold Glitter Gloss
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover – Free!
Pink Organza Bag – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Royal Gems Assortment

Consists of:
Royal Gems Lipsense Collection
Royal Gems Lipsense Assortment ($113)

Purple Ruby LipSense
Diamond Kiss Gloss
Emerald Shimmer ShadowSense
Sapphire Shimmer ShadowSense
Heat Gold Shimmer ShadowSense
Royal Gems Presentation Field – Free!

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Tahitian Lipsense Assortment

Consists of:
Tahitian Lipsense Collection
Tahitian Lipsense Assortment (incl free bag – $105)

Tahitian Pearl Gloss – Restricted Version
Silver Luster LipSense – Restricted Version
Peacock Pearl LipSense – Restricted Version
Chocolate Copper LipSense – Restricted Version
Ooops! Lip Coloration Remover
FREE Silver Metallic Organza Bag

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Celebration Pink Lipsense Assortment

Consists of:
Party Pink Lipsense Collection
Celebration Pink Lipsense Assortment (incl free bag – $65)
Celebration Pink LipSense – Restricted Version
Pom Pom Pink Gloss – Restricted Version
Berry Blast Gloss – Restricted Version
Free Pink Mesh Bag (valued at $2.00)

“NEW” LIMITED EDITION Hawaiian Lipsense Assortment

Consists of:
Hawaiian Lipsense Collection
Hawaiian Lipsense Assortment (incl free bag – $95)
Summer season Enjoyable LipSense – Restricted Version
Summer season Love LipSense – Restricted Version
Summer season Deal with LipSense – Restricted Version
Papaya Gloss – Restricted Version
Free Mermaid Mesh Bag

LIMITED EDITION LipSense Carnival Assortment

Consists of:
LipSense Carnival Collection
LipSense Carnival Assortment (incl free bag – $100)
Snow Cone LipSense – Restricted Version!
Sweet Apple Inexperienced LipSense – Restricted Version!
Orange Soda LipSense – Restricted Version!
Bubblegum Glitter LipSense – Restricted Version!
FREE Inexperienced Mesh Bag

LIMITED EDITION LipSense Glitz & Glam Assortment

Consists of:
LipSense Wonderland Collection
LipSense Wonderland Assortment (incl free bag – $114)
Metallic Plum LipSense – Restricted Version
Golden Orchid LipSense – Restricted Version
Extremely Gold Glitter Gloss – Restricted Version
Lapis Glitter ShadowSense – Restricted Version
Platinum Glitter ShadowSense – Restricted Version
SeneGence branded glittering blue cosmetics bag

Restricted Version Diamond Lipsense

Restricted Version Lipsense

SenseCosmetics Rose Gold Assortment

Consists of Rosé All Day LipSense, Rose Gold Gloss, Rose Gold Glitter Crème to Powder ShadowSense and Rose Gold Mesh Bag.

Lip Volumizer

Plump up the amount and get lasting outcomes of full, pouty lips with out the usage of irritants. The proprietary system is predicated on essentially the most superior lip plumping applied sciences, plumping lips from the within out. Get the advantages of collagen injections with out the needles! Additionally obtainable in coloured glosses.

Lip Gloss

Moisturizing Glosses enhance the longevity of LipSense® Liquid Lip Coloration, in addition to cowl and shield bare lips. Shiny Gloss leaves a shiny luster; Pearl Gloss creates a shimmering, special day high coat; Matte Gloss removes all shine for a no-frills look.

“NEW” Bouquet of Glosses Assortment

This lovely association combines permanent-line LipSense Gloss favorites, Rose, Orchid and Bougainvillea with new, restricted version tinted shades….Golden Iris, Blue Orchid and Candy Pea. The Assortment of six is packaged inside a free restricted version iridescent zippered pouch, good for holding your colourful Bouquet.

Bouquet of Glosses Collection
Bouquet of Glosses Assortment (incl free bag – $120)

Liner Sense

Lining is step one to your good pout. Made with the identical long-lasting know-how of LipSense®, versatile colours of LinerSense® mix and complement, line and outline your luscious lips. LinerSense® is available in a ravishing .125 oztube

“NEW” LipSmooth Conditioning Polish

LipSmooth™ Conditioning Polish helps lips which have been broken by conventional lipsticks, dry situations or dehydration really feel renewed, re-moisturized, and conditioned. Formulated with pure exfoliators corresponding to bamboo and ivory seed powder, it offers mild, non-abrasive exfoliation. SenePlex+ Complicated™ offers anti-aging safety and nourishment, whereas Coconut Oil, Nangai Oil and Shea Butter moisturize, and assist speed up the exfoliation strategy of useless, dry, broken cell layers to disclose easy, lovely lips.

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