Youtuber Jaclyn Hill’s Cosmetics lipstick saga seems to get worse every day : youtubedrama

There was a put up on right here lately about this which was actually good (it is right here) however some new developments appear to have come to mild.

tl;dr the earlier posts – youtube Jaclyn Hill launched a line of lipsticks. Most individuals who’ve acquired them have discovered ‘fuzz’ within the lipstick, air bubbles, and ‘chunks’ within the lipstick, in addition to some folks receiving damaged or melted product. They’re speculated to be beautiful and ‘moisturising’, and preliminary evaluations had been that they utilized terribly, dried lips out and had been simply terrible to make use of.

Jaclyn launched a video through which she ‘defined’ the failings in them. Amongst different issues, she claimed that the fibres are from ‘fluffy white gloves’ worn by the employees, and stated that the whole thing had been manufactured in a short time so there’s some air bubbles. Regardless of that, yesterday (the 24th June), she stated that she would give refunds for the entire lipsticks because of ‘some’ being contaminated – however nonetheless insists that they are in “full FDA compliance” and are “secure to make use of”.

However persons are nonetheless up in arms that she hasn’t recalled the product, and her rationalization made it worse, as a result of there are loads of issues that are not defined:


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